McKinsey meets Madmen

Growth is vital. Local to regional; regional to national; national to global; successful to significant. As the heat’s turned up, listen to the debate between operations and marketing. Product vs. Brand. Function or Form.

Regardless how it’s described, we see the two as one. 
Our role is to find answers for the whole equation. Growth that artfully marries making a promise with flawlessly keeping a promise. Then accomplishing necessary changes by guiding the organization through careful transition.


Tony Diamond, founder

He began as an Art Director with the nation’s largest 
independent advertising agency, creating compelling branded communications. He then held marketing leadership positions with manufacturing, software and digital companies, culminating in being CMO for a public corporation.

Since 2002, he has run his own consulting agencies, 
growing clients through integrated brand building.
Strategic planning and operational transitions woven together with brand development and breakthrough creative.
He also practices what he preaches with his own tech companies. Download Tony’s CV.

You are in a promise.

Brand is infinitely beyond logo and tagline.

It’s a crime to think of it as just that. To own a brand is a responsibility to consumers, to owners/investors, to employees and to the community in which it is offered. Keeping a promise to provide products and services backed by solid operations that fulfill and delight all stakeholders. Sharing a promise with those who speak for and about it. Making a promise through communications that are unique and compelling. The net result is creating not only a product that thrills, but distancing yourself from any others who might dare to compete. We intentionally make this appear simple. And it is, provided everyone in the enterprise not only knows the promise they’re in, they vow to keep it.

Engagement is very straightforward.

After an in-depth assessment of goals, circumstances 
and other mission-vital information, we draft a plan and timeline. Additional experts may be brought into perfectly match the needs of the assignment.

Programs are typically comprehensive, with our team remaining engaged through all phases. Or they may be shorter in term,
 with development of a strategic growth plan for your team to execute. Agreements are typically based on a retained engagement with results monitored continuously and adjustments made as needed and mutually agreed.

110 E Houston :: 7th Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205
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